Focus on Inclusion Project

ECIA NSW undertook this project between 2013 to 2015 that aimed to build the capacity of the early childhood intervention sector to further improve the inclusion of children with disability and/or developmental delay within their home, early childhood services and community. 

The Focus on Early Childhood Inclusion (FECI) had 3 key deliverables:

  • The establishment of local FECI Networks which provided a forum for peer support in developing best practice inclusive service delivery, information exchange and expanding links with the broader community.
  • The development of an Inclusion Tool to assist services in identifying inclusive practice strengths and needs and to review changes in those practices over time.
  • The launch of an online Transition to School Resource which aims to address all aspects of the process to support a smoother transition for the child, and an easier navigation of the system for families through the development of a resource, and the provision of training that can be applied across settings.

Other resources, including the videos, handouts, resource lists and promotional materials produced as part of the FECI project can be found under the Resources tab. 

This project was funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care in the Department of Family and Community Services, New South Wales, Australia (ADHC)