Focus on Inclusion Project

Inclusion Tool

The Inclusion Tool consists of four elements to assist services in identifying inclusive practice strengths and needs and to review changes in those practices over time.

  1. Background Paper
  2. Best Practice Guide (Updated 7th May)
  3. ECI Service Provider Self-Reflection Tool or PDF writable* version 
  4. Family Feedback Form or PDF writable* version

* These components are now available as writeable PDFs which can be completed on-line, downloaded and completed on a computer and/or printed.

An Inclusion Tool video has also been produced to help ECI Service Managers to strengthen inclusive practices through the use of the Inclusion Tool.

To view the Inclusion Tool video, please click here.

Downloadable Resource
A very useful video resource has been produced which reflects much of the philosophy of the project. We hope it will assist people in reflecting on their current practices and considering ways in which they might move towards a stronger focus on inclusive practice.

In the 3 part video, Dr Tim Moore, from the Centre for Community Child Health, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, presents: “Rethinking Early Childhood Intervention Services: Implications for policy and practice”. These video sequences lend themselves to being used in a network forum, small workplace group, or other workshop context, and include a number of discussion questions which provide an excellent focus for further reflection.

Rethinking Early Childhood Intervention Services: Implications for Policy and Practice

PART 1 - Introduction
PART 2 - Rationale
PART 3 - Implications

The associated handouts and discussion questions for each video maybe downloaded through these links:

PART 1 Handout
PART 2 Handout
PART 3 Handout

The above resource was produced by the Centre for Community Child Health, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne for the ECIA NSW Focus on Inclusion project, which is funded by Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Family and Community Services NSW.

Transition to School Resource

The online Transition to School Resource promotes a community-wide approach to transition to school for families, ECI practitioners, EC educators and community organisations.

The Transition to School Resource provides practical information, support, resources and strategies for all involved in a child's team.

Further information about the Transition to School Resource, as well as Website user information clips, a Recorded webinar on navigating the resource, and promotional materials, can be found in the Transition to School Resource.